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Former chef/owner of Tage & formerly Chef de Cuisine at Paradiso, Ted has been living and cooking in St John for over ten years. Ted's reputation as the best chef in St. John is born from his training and experience as well as for the standards his skills and food set in St. John.

Ted's food philosophy follows that of the cuisine style pioneered by Alice Waters and embraced worldwide.

Simple fresh ingredients matched and prepared to enhance the dish rather than overwhelm it. Gone are the heavy sauces of classic French Cuisine, replaced by flavored oils and vinegars and recipes that bring ingredients together so that they play off each other for truly heightened interaction of flavor and taste.

Ted uses fresh herbs from his garden, organic vegetables from Josephine's Organic Farm in Coral Bay and the freshest ingredients available from local suppliers.

Ted will work with you to prepare your menu.
Visit the menu page to see some of Ted's dishes
then call Ted (340) 514-2855 to make your reservations.


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